A stack of pots, Varanasi

Cheaply made clay pots are a common sight in India, and when I saw this stack of pots in Varanasi, with the detail in the wall behind, I knew I wanted to make a carefully composed still life image. Although I must confess, I have no idea what the writing on the wall actually says, I like the colour contrast between the blue lettering and the yellowish earth tones of the wall and the red/brown tones of the pots.

A stack of pots, Varanasi, India.   Canon 5D Mark with 24-105mm lens at 47mm and F7.1, shutter speed 1/60 second at ISO 400.

On the subject of “cheaply made clay pots”,  I observed during my travels in India that it’s not unusual to be served hot chai (tea) in small clay cups at a cost of just a few cents each.  The cups are one use only, disposable items,  in much the same way as plastic or polystyrene cups are in more “developed” countries.   Drink your chai and then throw your cup on the ground where it quickly breaks into pieces,  from the earth,  back into the earth!   Environmentally friendly.     Versus the polystyrene cup which takes hundreds of years to decompose.     Makes you think!

~ KD.