Golden sunrise, Varanasi

Impression or Reality?

As the title suggests, another early morning photograph taken at Varanasi. In this case, the “golden” sunrise is due very much to the image processing rather than the atmospheric conditions at the time. In my previous post, I touched on the distinction between photographic “reality” and photographic impression. With the processing of this image, I attempted to convey an impression rather than a simple reality.

Golden sunrise, Varanasi, India.  Canon 5D Mk2 24-105mm zoom lens at 105mm, F4.0, shutter speed 1/250 at ISO 6400.

Image Processing

The image was converted to black and white in Adobe Lightroom and then given a split toned effect with a golden-yellow tone given to the highlights and a blue toning given to the shadows.     Given that the image was shot at 6400 ISO,  there is some digital noise apparent which I made no attempt to remove.    It seems to me that the noise gives almost a film grain-like appearance to the image which,  in this instance,  I think suits the image.

The posture of the people in the boat might appear odd,  or even comical.   I believe they were tending to some fishing lines which they had over the sides of the boat.