Tag : split toning

Breaking Wave, Maui

A wave breaks on Hookipa Beach on Maui’s north shore.   Google’s Silver Efex Pro helps to create a dramatic monochrome image.

Views from Diamond Head, Honolulu

A city bus is an easy enough way to get to the Diamond Head State Park and from there a fairly easy hike to the top of the crater rim where a lookout provides some good views back to the west to Honolulu itself and east towards Koko Head.

A Study in Stone

Split toning in monochrome helps make the most of a historic location.

Arches, Haridwar.

Haridwar, India. A man walks along an arched balcony. I was drawn to the repeated geometry of the arches and waited for a human figure to enter the frame.

Golden sunrise, Varanasi

In this case,  the “golden” sunrise is due very much to the image processing rather than the atmospheric conditions at the time.

Deep in thought, Outb Minar, Delhi

A young man,  deep in thought at Outb Minar,  Delhi.

Little Egret, Okavango Delta, Botswana

A Little Egret wading through the shallows of the Okavango Delta makes a beautiful split toned monochrome subject.