Breaking Wave, Maui

Originally posted back in 2011 and reprocessed now using Google’s Silver Efex Pro.   The image was captured at Hookipa Beach on the north coast of Maui where I was photographing some surfers and windsurfers riding the waves.     I managed to get some interesting shots of the board riders but took a moment to isolate one of the breaking waves with its salt spray whipping off the peak.

I decided to go with a dramatic look and although the image is now somewhat different in its split tonings,  partly due to the software changes and perhaps my changing tastes,  I still think the split toned monochrome treatment is right for this image.

Breaking wave, North Shore, Maui.

Canon 5D Mark 2 Focal Length: 700mm at f6.3, shutter speed 1/800 sec, ISO 100

Processing: Lightroom then into Photoshop using Silver Efex Pro.