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Girl on a boat Varanasi

Of all the passengers,  only the young girl is aware of and facing the camera

Golden sunrise, Varanasi

In this case,  the “golden” sunrise is due very much to the image processing rather than the atmospheric conditions at the time.

Boats at sunrise, Varanasi.

Boats at sunrise at Varanasi on the River Ganges. It was very early morning with some pleasing colour in the sky being reflected in the water.

Hands of the boatman, Varanasi.

“it breaks all the rules…but it kind of works!”

boats, boats and more boats, Varanasi.

Boats, boats and more boats! A recurring, and fairly obvious, theme on the River Ganges at Varanasi.

Boat and flags, Varanasi

A small aperture was used to give sufficient depth of field, whilst the shutter speed was just fast enough to stop the movement of the flags

Boatful of people, Varanasi, India

A boatful of people makes its way along the Ganges,  a common sight at Varanasi.