Hands of the boatman, Varanasi.

Finishing off this week’s “boats” theme,  the hands of the boatman,  at work on the oars, Varanasi.    When I showed this image to a photographer-friend,  he commented,   “it breaks all the rules…but it kind of works!”    I guess for me it was a case of trying to say or at least show,  something about the boatman in an image that was a break from the obvious.   In the photo essay sense,  it may be thought of as a “detail” shot.  On its own,  it doesn’t tell you the whole story,  but perhaps tells you a little and invites you to wonder and perhaps use your imagination to try and fill in the gaps.

Hands of the boatman, Varanasi.  Canon 5D Mark 2 with 70-300mm zoom lens at 180mm F5.6,  shutter speed 1/320 second at ISO 1000.