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What does it all mean?

A mystery or simply mundane?

Hong Kong, abstracts, candids, reflections

in Hong Kong during a sustained period of dreary weather taking candid shots of people, abstracts, and being drawn to colourful reflections.

Overlooking Hong Kong Harbour

late afternoon looking across Hong Kong Harbour.   The humid weather makes for a hazy,  “watery” sunset.

Fish markets, Bangkok, Thailand

The fish markets of Bangkok, Thailand, provide some opportunities to meet the people working there and also provide some enjoyable …

Man on a train, Haridwar, India

A man looks out the doorway of a crowded train at Haridwar, India. People hanging on in doorways of trains is a common sight.

Girl with Parrot, Varanasi.

The candid photo: An example of when the photo relies on a girl being engrossed in what she was doing and being unaware of the camera.

Barber's shop Haridwar, India.

The barber’s shop, Haridwar, India.

Walking along one of the streets of Haridwar, I encountered a barber’s shop,  I was made welcome by the staff and this small photo essay is the result.

Woman under red veil, Haridwar

the woman is engaged with the camera but her details remain obscure,  mysterious even,  under her red veil.

Man looking at poster, Haridwar.

juxtaposition,  an unlikely or quirky combination of elements.

Woman brushing her hair, Haridwar.

During the course of the Kumbh Mela festival in Haridwar,  people from all over India were staying in temporary tented accommodation in and around the town.