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Riverboat, River Li, China.

The river and the surrounding landscape are frequently cloaked in fog which adds to the sense of mystery and the region has inspired artists and writers for generations.

Death of the dinosaur

the reptiles of the Galapagos seem truly prehistoric, a throwback to the dinosaurs. Ironically, despite the “prehistoric” appearance of the iguanas, the modern-day marine and land iguanas of the Galapagos are in fact a fairly recent evolution.

Cheetah vantage point, Serengeti National Park

It is quite common behaviour for cheetahs, who have excellent eyesight, to use features such as anthills as vantage points to survey their surroundings.

Lone tree, Serengeti National Park

an hour after sunrise in the Serengeti National Park, I decided to give this lone tree shot the toned black and white treatment.

Monochrome Lions, Tanzania.

A series of images captured in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater where lions were seen in good numbers and at fairly close range too.

Lone Egret, Flores, Guatemala.

A monochrome image was taken in Guatemala near Flores and depicts a single white egret at the water’s edge.