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Cyclo driver

Cyclo driver in profile

Illustrating the value of compositing in photography.

Shepherd's hut

Shepherd’s hut and Dhaulagiri, Nepal.

Photographing a grand landscape it pays to pause and carefully consider the compositional possibilities

Doorway and birdcages, Kaifeng, China

it was common for people to leave their doors open so the they could see onto the street,  it was also obvious that the keeping of caged birds was popular.

Master of the nets, Suzhou, China

Established over 2500 years ago, Suzhou is famous for silk production, its gardens,  and according to legend is home to the most beautiful women in China.

Hangzhou, the West Lake

Hangzhou is known for a number of things one of them being the West Lake, an artificial lake built around 800AD.

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China 1999 continued….woman riding tricycle

Things are changing fast in China with increasing industrialization and extraordinary economic growth, there is a growing push for people to use more and more motor vehicles.

Oystercatchers, Galapagos Islands

The American Oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus) is a common species found throughout the coastal areas of both the Americas. Here the endemic subspecies galapagensis, with a population around 200 pairs, is confined to rocky shores, sandy beaches, and coastal lagoons.