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Valley of the Queens, Luxor, Egypt

all shots were handheld, but with the low speed of the flight and all the elements of the image being distant, compiling the shots necessary for a panoramic was possible.

The Lone Cyclist, Luxor.

a testament to the extraordinary technical capability of modern digital cameras

Sedona USA

Sedona aerial.

One way to get a great look at the Sedona landscape is from the air by jumping onto a helicopter flight.

RAAF f18 hornet fly past

Australian International Airshow 2017

The Australian International Airshow was conducted during March, 2017, at the Avalon airfield outside Melbourne in Victoria providing plenty of aerial thrills.

Sunrise or sunset

Sunrise or sunset?

“that’s a nice sunset”….or is it?

Full moon, Valley of the Queens, Egypt

Early morning and the full moon hangs over Egypt’s Valley of the Queens.

Balloon over Luxor

A hot air balloon drifts in the early morning over the landscape on the outskirts of Luxor,  Egypt.

Kaua’i from the air

There are numerous companies operating helicopters over the island, with the choices being between fully enclosed “comfortable” aircraft, to smaller ”no doors” choppers.

A study in blue and gold

Gold on blue colour contrast makes for a pleasing nature photograph.

The hippo pool, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

some important points to remember if photographing from the air.