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Pyramid and sky, Giza, Egypt.

In ancient times these pyramids were covered in polished white limestone and would have been dazzling, reflecting the sunlight. Over the years the limestone has weathered away, been broken/damaged by earthquakes, or deliberately removed.

Pebble in ice 2

South Georgia – the world at my feet

it’s easy to get caught up in the wildlife and the grand landscape but, occasionally, it’s worth looking for the small details that lie at one’s feet!

Compass and iceberg

Icebergs and how to avoid them

well on my recent journey into the South Atlantic we actually sought them out. Avoiding hitting one though requires some important considerations

Icicles hanging at the entrance to a small cave, Antarctica.

Icicles, Antarctica

There’s something about icicles that just draws the eye and demands to be photographed!

Garlands and shadows.

Garlands and shadows

an abstract image from Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu.

Nepal 2017

A preview to the Nepal 2017 photo gallery, prayer flags, paint splashes and the odd pigeon.

Hong Kong, abstracts, candids, reflections

in Hong Kong during a sustained period of dreary weather taking candid shots of people, abstracts, and being drawn to colourful reflections.

Dreary days in Hong Kong.

Overcast skies, persistent drizzling rain, and unexpectedly low temperatures.

Detail in nature

A deep single colour and the geometric lines.

Photographing Albatross, something less obvious!

The content of today’s image is the result of observation, planning and a bit of good timing, not compositing or overlaying of images.