Recoleta Cemetery

Light, texture, and faith….

A cemetery obviously evokes all sorts of emotional responses, very much dependant on the circumstances that led you to visit.

In this case, I, with camera in hand, was visiting Buenos Aires in Argentina and specifically the historic and quite famous Recoleta Cemetery. With Argentina being a predominantly catholic country, the cemetery is full of overtly religious symbols. The country historically had (some may argue still has) wide extremes of wealth and poverty so, the funeral art present tends to be rather grandiose. It appears the wealthy spared no expense in sending off their deceased.

As a photographer, there is plenty to ponder and explore with textures, the play of light and shadow, reflections, and of course, the religious symbolism. I found abstracts, patterns, and geometry, juxtaposition of art and neglect, scenes obvious and enigmatic.

I present the images with little explanation as much of the meaning is left to the interpretation of the individual viewer.

Recoleta Cemetery Light and texture, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Light in the crypt, Recoleta Light in the crypt, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Christ in spider's web, Recoleta Christ in spider's web, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Memoria Dedican, Recoleta Memoria Dedican, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Faith and rust, Recoleta Faith and rust, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

number 2, Recoleta Cemetery Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires.

Rusted doors, Recoleta Rusted doors, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Skylight, Recoleta Cemetery Skylight, Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires.

Vision of Madonna and children Vision of Madonna and children, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

These images are part of my Argentina image gallery. ~KD.