Bangkok drugstore


Whilst wandering the streets of Bangkok,  I happened across a small, traditional,  drugstore where the pharmacist was busy with mortar and pestle whilst family members relaxed in the background.

As previously mentioned, I am currently out of town and as a result am a little restricted in what I can post.   The slideshows which I’ve presented in recent months have been prepared with Soundslides Plus,  an excellent little program with an easy to use internet embed function.  Alas,  being on the road I can’t access my copy of the program and so have to rely on Adobe’s Lightroom,  which although in many respects is an excellent program,  does leave a bit to be desired when preparing slideshows for web display.

*** Update:   30.5.2017,  the slideshow has been updated using Vimeo.  See above.     ~KD.  ***