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the pink bicycle

Woman on pink bicycle, Jakarta.

A woman rides a pink bicycle, part of a growing Indonesia image gallery.

Boatmen at dawn, Taj Mahal, India.

Boatmen drift past India’s Taj Mahal in the early morning light.

Egypt image gallery.

Egypt image gallery now posted.   HDR was used to good effect to get maximum detail in a Cairo Mosque photograph.

Balloon over Luxor

A hot air balloon drifts in the early morning over the landscape on the outskirts of Luxor,  Egypt.


Bangkok drugstore

Whilst wandering the streets of Bangkok,  I happened across a small, traditional,  drugstore where the pharmacist was busy with mortar and pestle.

The Lady with the Plastic Ring, Bangkok, Thailand

The markets of Bangkok and a stall holder wears a plastic ring which alternately flashes green and yellow on her finger.

Man on a train, Haridwar, India

A man looks out the doorway of a crowded train at Haridwar, India. People hanging on in doorways of trains is a common sight.

Girl on a boat Varanasi

Of all the passengers,  only the young girl is aware of and facing the camera

Waiting for sunrise, Varanasi

Pre-dawn and there is a stillness to the air, a quietness, even a sense of mystery. A man sits serenely, at one with his thoughts

Boatful of people, Varanasi, India

A boatful of people makes its way along the Ganges,  a common sight at Varanasi.