Tag : Travel photography

Overlooking Hong Kong Harbour

late afternoon looking across Hong Kong Harbour.   The humid weather makes for a hazy,  “watery” sunset.

Lake Karakul 2001

Lake Karakul in China’s Xinjiang Provence provides some excellent reflections of the towering Pamir Mountains.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

One of the world’s most popular tourist package deal destinations, Waikiki might be either a tourist magnet or tourist trap depending on your perspective!


Bangkok drugstore

Whilst wandering the streets of Bangkok,  I happened across a small, traditional,  drugstore where the pharmacist was busy with mortar and pestle.

Old Delhi, India

Strolling the narrow streets and laneways of Old Delhi with camera in hand.

Woman under red veil, Haridwar

the woman is engaged with the camera but her details remain obscure,  mysterious even,  under her red veil.

Man looking at poster, Haridwar.

juxtaposition,  an unlikely or quirky combination of elements.

South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand, South Island landscapes

Contrast in the scene was extreme with the late afternoon sun poking through the clouds and foreground elements in deep shade.

Faces of Haridwar

A selection of street portraits taken in Haridwar, India.

Boats at sunrise, Varanasi.

Boats at sunrise at Varanasi on the River Ganges. It was very early morning with some pleasing colour in the sky being reflected in the water.