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Eagle eating lizard, Tanzania.

An eagle perches to eat a lizard, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Golden sky, Serengeti National Park

The colours depicted are true to the original scene, they haven’t been “souped-up”.

Sunrise, Serengeti National Park

the potential for using long lenses for landscape shots

Giraffe eating leaves, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

the distant tree is out of focus to the extent that it’s clear the giraffe is the main focus of attention, but the tree still has enough form that it is immediately identifiable.

Cheetah vantage point, Serengeti National Park

It is quite common behaviour for cheetahs, who have excellent eyesight, to use features such as anthills as vantage points to survey their surroundings.

Life and death on the river.

Life and death on the river.

Thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara River in the Serengeti National Park as part of the annual migration, not all survive. Such is the mad scramble to cross that some animals are injured and/or drown in the attempt.

Cheetah in long grass. Serengeti National Park.

A cheetah watched intently, unseen by the wildebeest as they ran by. We watched as he stalked through the grass, creeping up on the herd, but then decided not to try and attack them.

Wildebeest blur, Serengeti National Park

By slowing the shutter speed down,  the background and the surrounding grasses were registered as a blur.  

Digital imaging detail and resolution.

Check out the strand of spider’s web that the gazelle was picked up between it’s horns and the, moving, fly that’s buzzing around it’s ear! Detail which in the days of 35mm film would have been impossible.