Digital imaging detail and resolution.

(Alternate title; how to photograph a moving fly at 30 metres). A recent comment on one of my images prompted me in turn,  to comment on the quality of image possible with a digital SLR at higher ISO settings.   I made the point that with modern DSLR’s we could confidently use ISO ratings of 800, 1000, or even higher and expect high quality,  finely detailed images.

This example is a Grant’s Gazelle photographed in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.  Shot with the Canon 5D and 500mm telephoto lens on a bean bag,   the gazelle was probably at a distance of about 30 metres from the safari vehicle.  The image is shown here full frame.

Grant’s Gazelle full frame

To illustrate the extraordinary resolution of digital cameras,  below is a close crop of the same image with no additional processing.    The image was captured at ISO 800.    Check out the strand of spider’s web that the gazelle was picked up between its horns and the,  moving,  fly that’s buzzing around its ear!    Detail which in the days of 35mm film would have been impossible.

Grant’s Gazelle, close crop