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Tag : Facebook

The feathers are flying!

two eagles went for the same fish with a mid-air tug-of-war sending feathers flying.

Facebook photo challenge day 7

Photographed in the Huangshan Mountains, China, an adolescent male snow monkey clutches an infant.

Facebook photo challenge day 6

Some people think of reindeer as the “cattle” of the Arctic,  probably not an unreasonable analogy.

Facebook photo challenge day 5

Day 5 of #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook, a bird day,  3 different species from 3 different continents.

Facebook photo challenge day 3

today’s image is about storytelling.   The annual migration of wildebeest across the Serengeti including a life and death crossing of the Mara River.

Facebook photo challenge day 2

a 7 day photo challenge exploring 5 different countries, viewing 7 different species and several photographic genres as well.

The seven-day photo challenge.

a seven day Facebook nature-photography challenge!