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running through the square, Bath.

Bath, running through the square

I couldn’t have anticipated the exact movements of the people, however, on reviewing the sequence of images, it was obvious that the presence of the children playing and running exuberantly through the square was key.

Young girl under umbrella

The little girl with the umbrella

sheltering under her umbrella, a young girl makes for a sweet but challenging portrait.

Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Playing with a tyre

A boy plays with a tyre in one of the streets of Bhaktapur in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley.

Girl with Parrot, Varanasi.

The candid photo: An example of when the photo relies on a girl being engrossed in what she was doing and being unaware of the camera.

Girl on a boat Varanasi

Of all the passengers,  only the young girl is aware of and facing the camera

Young Indian Girl, Delhi

It pays to keep the camera ready and to take several shots of a willing subject, particularly when she’s as delightful and expressive as this …

3 boys in Old Delhi.

Exploring Old Delhi provides an opportunity to see how the people go about their daily lives.  Many are happy to stop for a photograph. A young boy with an icy-pole pauses for the camera before devouring the treat, Old Delhi. Below.  A young boy wearing a black cap, pictured in one of the narrow lane-ways of Old Delhi. Below.  A young boy wears a plastic hat whilst playing on a motor scooter in Old Delhi.

From school kids to senior citizens

The curiosity of the kids was matched by their elders who were only too pleased to pause for a photo.