Shattered view, Ushuaia

Another image from my recent trip to Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina. Ushuaia is the setting out point for many cruise ships visiting South Georgia, the Falklands and the Antarctic Peninsula. I am now finishing up a trip which took in South Georgia and some of the Falklands, expect some images from those places in the weeks ahead.

In this instance, I wished to use the shattered glass as the key compositional element to an otherwise fairly uninspired view of the Ushuaia Harbour. Given the details of the harbour weren’t the key, I was happy to leave them slightly out of focus, identifiable but secondary to the graphic design of the image.

I’m sure images like this probably don’t get the likes and thumbs up, etc, from social media, but for me, that’s not the point. If I was fixated on such things I’d be photographing babies and kittens! As someone recently said to me, “photograph for yourself, and if others appreciate it, well and good, if not so be it”. How many others would go to South America and then post photos of graffiti bombed derelict buildings or go to Jakarta and post photos of old light fittings! (As I have in recent months) 🙂

shattered view Ushuaia Harbour, Argentina. Shattered view. Was it a bullet or perhaps a stone from a slingshot that caused the effect? I’ll never know.

I will be compiling another image gallery in due course following this recent trip to the South Atlantic, check the image archives as they update. ~KD