Images from space.

Some links to explore;

Taking a break from processing my wildlife shots,  I went cruising through one or two of my favourite websites and found out about a site now set up by NASA which displays a series of pictures sent back by the Mars rover as well as by satellites.   Some of the images are quite intriguing and naturally enough “otherworldly”.  Some are taken using thermal imaging cameras and some appear quite abstract,  including a shot of what scientists have dubbed the “Grand Canyon” of Mars, a canyon the length of which is similar to the distance between New York and Los Angeles,  mind-boggling.        NASA “Mars as Art”

Another site for those interested in space/astronomy photos has been running for quite some time.  It has some great shots taken by the Hubble space telescope,  I’m currently using one of their shots as my computer screen saver!

Enjoy KD.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech