Early morning, Hout Bay, South Africa

Established as a colony in 1681,  Hout Bay is bordered by Table Mountain National Park a short distance from Capetown,  South Africa.    The name of the bay,  and the town on its shore,  is derived from the Afrikaans: Houtbaai, meaning “Wood Bay”.    As the name suggests,  the area was important during colonial times for timber production.

The bay is also known as a big wave surfing location,  although as seen in the pictures below,  the bay was fairly flat and tranquil when I visited.   I timed my visit for the early morning as a brief stop on my way to Kirstenbosch Gardens,  on reflection,  I could have spent more time exploring the area.

The pictures were captured with the Canon 5D and 24-105mm zoom at ISO 800.

Hout Bay, Capetown, South Africa
Dawn, Hout Bay, Capetown, South Africa
Dawn, Hout Bay, Capetown, South Africa (vertical)
Early morning near Hout Bay, South Africa


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