Two Women, Haridwar

Two Women, Haridwar,  one in mixed light, the other in deep shade.  This is another image from the “Faces of Haridwar” slide-show presentation which continues to grow.

Two women, Haridwar, India.  Canon 5D Mark 2 with 24-105mm zoom lens at 88mm and F4.0,  shutter speed 1/2000 second at ISO 800.

Website Update.

As long time readers will know,  I periodically compile essays or articles on topics of interest and post them to the website.   Given that I’ve been taking photographs for years,  most of these essays are explanations of photographic techniques or demonstrations of digital photo processing and so on.     A list of these essays can be found at:     Several people have commented that they’ve found these of value in assisting them to gain a greater understanding of their craft and in some cases have printed out bits and pieces that I’ve written for later reference.     It’s gratifying to me to know that others are getting such value out of my writings.

Given that some people have,  or at least have expressed a wish to,  print out some of these essays for their own personal use,  I’ve decided to go back and update some of them.     Starting this process,  I’ve updated my essay on auto exposure and exposure compensation and now have it available as a downloadable PDF file at:     auto_exposure_explained.pdf     The article can easily be printed out via your home computer.    Readers are invited to share the file,  print out copies for friends, etc.     The usual caveats regarding copyright hold true,  the essays are intended for personal, non-commercial use, and please do not attempt to change or edit the file prior to printing or passing it on.

Whilst on the subject of photo technique essays,  I recently saw a pro photographer on the Internet provide a very brief explanation of how to overcome a particular photographic dilemma.  He explained it in about 15 words,  but to me, it suggested a whole topic for discussion.  I was left thinking,  “yes,  he’s right of course,  but it could have been explained so much better”.     I better get typing!

Lastly,  if anyone has any issues that they’d like some advice or guidance on,  or would like to suggest a topic for discussion/explanation,  please let me know.    I don’t claim to be the font of all knowledge however, I’ve been doing this stuff for quite some time and have learnt a bit along the way.    (By “issues”,  I mean photographic issues!    I’m not a marriage guidance counsellor!  😉 )

Update 2.8.15.   Please note that since this article was originally posted the website has undergone considerable change.  Much of the content referred to above is still part of the site but has been incorporated into the blog component of the site.    A search of the Archives page is worthwhile to find more on the subjects and topics mentioned.  ~KD