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Door lock, Haridwar

an example of digital image processing.  Changes to contrast and colour saturation were made both globally and with specific local adjustments.

Faces of Haridwar…part 2

more portraits of some of the people I met along the way.

Man on a train, Haridwar, India

A man looks out the doorway of a crowded train at Haridwar, India. People hanging on in doorways of trains is a common sight.

Man carrying load on his head, Haridwar

Juxtaposition in photographs. The slick advertising image of the woman’s face on a bag, looks back from atop the towel draped head of a man …

Arches, Haridwar.

Haridwar, India. A man walks along an arched balcony. I was drawn to the repeated geometry of the arches and waited for a human figure to enter the frame.

No Entry

Using Photoshop to enhance an otherwise mundane photograph.

Barber's shop Haridwar, India.

The barber’s shop, Haridwar, India.

Walking along one of the streets of Haridwar, I encountered a barber’s shop,  I was made welcome by the staff and this small photo essay is the result.

Young Mother with Child, Haridwar

A stunning young woman, in her immaculate sari, was a contrast to the dusty streets around her. The chaos of the street didn’t stop her young child sleeping

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Naga Sadhu, Haridwar

A naga sadhu,  naked except for his sandals,  body smeared with ashes makes his way along the street.

Woman under red veil, Haridwar

the woman is engaged with the camera but her details remain obscure,  mysterious even,  under her red veil.