Monochrome Lions, Tanzania.

Hi folks!    A few days ago I posted some lion shots and indicated that I might take a different approach in presenting further lion shots.  Well here’s what I came up with.   As I was processing the first image,  I thought,  wonder what this would look like in monochrome?   Well here’s the answer! The series of images were captured in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater where lions were seen in good numbers and at fairly close range too.    The Canon 5D with the 500mm F4.0 lens was used throughout.    The image processing was done in Lightroom with a black and white conversion and then a brown toning via the split toning module.

Sepia effect lion, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.  Canon 5D with 500mm telephoto lens and 1.4 tele extender,  effective focal length 700mm F5.6 1/500 second ISO 400.

More images can be seen in the Tanzania image gallery.  ~KD.