Man in canoe, Assam, India.

Digitally stitching images

Today is an example of a simple composite or stitched image.    On this site, I have frequently presented stitched panoramas where the scene is too large to fit into the one frame with the camera/lens combination available and generally this approach is used with landscapes.   However, in this instance, I was in a boat on a small lake photographing birds when I saw this man paddling his canoe.   At the time,  I had the 500mm telephoto lens on the camera and realized that if I took two frames in quick succession and was careful to get those frames level,  a stitched image might be the way to get the full length of that canoe in the image.    Scrambling about in the boat to change lenses in the circumstances wasn’t practical,  didn’t want to rock the boat!  🙂

Getting a convincing stitched image was aided by there being little tell-tale detail in the background or foreground.    The stitching proved easy and only some minor repair work was required to make the water ripples blend together well.

Man in a canoe, Assam Provence, India
Man in a canoe, Assam Provence, India. Composite image.