Himalayan Cloudscape, colour vs monochrome

Clouds envelop the Himalayan peaks of Nepal, a scene that is dramatic in colour or monochrome.

For years I’ve been taking photographs, nowadays with digital,  but in years gone by with film of course.   With digital, the raw image is recorded with its colour values and we can either present it in colour or as black and white.  In the film days, you could use either colour film or black and white,  and whilst it was possible to create a B&W image from a colour negative or transparency,  it involved a fair bit of work in the traditional chemical darkroom.   I generally chose to use colour negative film in the belief that if I wanted I could,  with some effort,  get a B&W output if I wished.  At the time digital was not on the horizon.

Now with the ready availability of good scanners and computer software,  revisiting the old negatives and producing a B&W image is simple.    And so here I present two versions,  one colour and the other given a toned B&W treatment.    Which appeals more to you?   Enjoy.

Himalayan cloudscape – Colour
Himalayan cloudscape – Monochrome

Please note,  my “signature” indicates the year 2008.  This was the year in which I carried out the scanning and digital processing,  the original capture was on colour negative film whilst trekking in Nepal in the 1990′s.