Green scarf graffiti

Today a change of direction from the last two posts. Argentina is a predominantly catholic country, indeed proud that the current pope is an Argentine. However, like many communities, it is divided on the issue of legalised abortion with numerous parliamentary debates on the subject over recent decades.

Whilst walking the streets of Buenos Aires, I found this piece of graffiti stencilled onto a wall. I have mixed feelings about graffiti but consider it of interest where an issue or idea is expressed or genuine artistic ability is displayed.

In this case, the green scarf is a powerful symbol of an important social/political movement.

green scarf graffiti Buenos Aires Green scarf graffiti, Buenos Aires.

“According to data from the Ministry of Health, between 370,000 to 522,000 clandestine abortions are performed each year (in Argentina), many of them unsafe.”

— International Women’s Health Coalition

Using the current COVID 19 related lockdown to try and catch up on my image processing. Expect more in the days ahead.

Update: 12.12.20. (Report per the New York Times) Argentine lawmakers take a major step towards legalizing abortion. ~KD