Drool-worthy historic cars

The title says it all really. Historic cars, gleaming chrome, polished paintwork, and intricate details. These cars are more than mere conveyances they are automotive works of art. Lovingly restored and maintained by their fastidious owners, truly drool-worthy historic cars. A historic car rally, obviously held outdoors and so getting clear images of vehicles without people milling around them could be difficult. As is often the case, I was drawn to details, patterns, reflections.

Cord 812 details Chrome and sky blue, detail on Cord 812.

Rear details Rear-end details.

red vents red vents. Historic car details.

Jaguar E Type Jaguar E Type

silver 300SL Silver Mercedes 300SL

Hawk motor car decal. Hawk motor car decal.

SS Jaguar SS Jaguar

red engine cowling vents Historic car details, red engine cowling vents.

Buick grill details. Historic car grill detail. Buick.

chrome and green. Historic car details Chrome and green. Historic car details

side engine vents Historic car detail, side engine vents.

bonnet decoration bonnet detail, historic car.

sky blue and chrome sky blue and chrome. Historic car bonnet detail.