Drakensberg Mountains, midday, flat light.

Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa.   The photo was taken during the mid-afternoon by necessity (the location was only accessible via helicopter) meaning the light was really flat and the colours washed out.   I’m often critical of folks who get carried away with “excessive” digital image processing and given the limitations here,  there was the temptation to really go bananas with the colour saturation.   I see numerous examples on the internet of grossly over-saturated landscapes, including by the supposed luminaries of the craft.   After my first attempt at processing this image,  I felt that I had pushed things too far.   After coming back and reviewing the image,  I decided on a more subtle approach. The image may still be considered rather flat however this is a more realistic interpretation of the scene and one that I am more comfortable with.    ~KD

Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa