Beauty wears scales

we often think of the colourful feathers of birds or the fur of mammals but occasionally beauty wears scales!

A place to perch, pelican, Galapagos Islands

is unusual among pelican species in that it will hunt by diving,  kingfisher like,  for food.

Great-tailed Grackle

I decided to accept the massive contrast involved and push the image towards a more graphic,  illustrative effect.

Islamic China

Islamic China

China is not as racially and culturally homogenous as some think. Officially there are 56 national minorities in China with about 13 in Xinjiang …

The bell tower, Xian

The city of Xian in China is best known for its amazing terracotta warriors,  however there are other interesting things to see there including the bell tower

Doorway and birdcages, Kaifeng, China

it was common for people to leave their doors open so the they could see onto the street,  it was also obvious that the keeping of caged birds was popular.

Hidden among the leaves.

Sometimes there is good subject material hidden among the leaves.

Riverboat, River Li, Guangxi Provence

original capture on colour negative film in 1999,  the digital scan was latter processed via Photoshop and Google (formerly Nik Software) Color Efex Pro

Northern Pagoda, Suzhou.

The pagoda dates from the 17th century and offers some good views over the city. It’s part of a temple complex

Master of the nets, Suzhou, China

Established over 2500 years ago, Suzhou is famous for silk production, its gardens,  and according to legend is home to the most beautiful women in China.