Lion walking through water, Okavango Delta.

Photographed on the flood plain near Kwetsani camp,  in the Okavango Delta,  Botswana in July, 2009.     Shortly after sunrise,  this young male lion was patrolling his territory and in the process provided us with some excellent photo opportunities.     In our safari vehicles,  we followed him as he steadily walked the length of the flood plain stopping only whenever he encountered a shrub or tree to scent mark it.

Like most of the major species in the area,  he was aware of our presence but quite unconcerned by it.   In this game reserve, the wildlife is fully protected from hunting with the result that lions,  and other species,  don’t perceive the four-wheel drive vehicles,  nor their occupants,  as a threat.    There are of course common sense protocols that need to be observed such as remaining in the vehicle and keeping noise to a minimum!

Lion walking through water, Okavango Delta, Botswana.  Canon 5D Mk 2,  focal length 130mm at F5.6,  shutter speed 1/100 second at ISO 400.