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street vendor, jakarta, indonesia

International be happy day!

smiling faces… International be happy day

Still a virgin?

Faces of Holi

The festival involves, among other things,  good humoured throwing and spraying of coloured powder onto both friends and strangers alike. 

Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Playing with a tyre

A boy plays with a tyre in one of the streets of Bhaktapur in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley.

Stray dog, Pushkar, India

if you’re going to do a selfie,  you may as well invite a friend to join in.

Man reading newspaper, Delhi

Man, dog, and newspaper, Delhi.   The photographer whilst observing, is himself observed!

The boy with the coal cart

An exercise in digital processing.   Colour negative film to toned monochrome using Silver Efex Pro.