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Capuchin monkey – Pantanal, Brazil

The capuchin is considered a “New World” monkey being distributed throughout Central and South America.   There are numerous sub-species (with dispute among naturalists as to naming conventions and the actual numbers) across 2 genus. This individual was photographed early morning close to our lodgings in Brazil’s Pantanal region.

Caimans of the Pantanal

Floating along the rivers and channels of the Pantanal,  Caiman are seen in large numbers. Family portrait? Caiman were often seen motionlesss on the river banks, jaws open to regulate the animals body temperature. Fly crawling on caiman.  Notice one of the teeth from the lower jaw visible through a hole in the edge of the upper snout. Fly on Caiman Adorned with swamp vegetation.

Pantanal – Yellow-billed Cardinal

The Yellow-billed Cardinal (Paroaria capitata), photographed in Brazil’s Pantanal region, where it is a common sight.   A species in the Thraupidae or Tanager family,  it is also found in the neighbouring countries of Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, and the northern parts of Argentina.   Despite its common name,  it is not very closely related to the Cardinals of the Cardinalidae family which have a wider distribution into North America. These birds were photographed early morning requiring ISO 2000,  not a […]