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Golden sky, Serengeti National Park

The colours depicted are true to the original scene, they haven’t been “souped-up”.

Sunrise, Serengeti National Park

the potential for using long lenses for landscape shots

Flamingo fly past, Ngorongoro Crater.

two flamingos fly over their flock which is feeding in the shallows of an alkaline lake. There were thousands of birds in the lake and several more flying about overhead.

Dik dik antelope, Tarangire National Park.

The Dik dik is the smallest of the antelope species being only slightly larger than a domestic cat and tends to shelter in scrub and tall grass.

Monochrome Lions, Tanzania.

A series of images captured in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater where lions were seen in good numbers and at fairly close range too.

Lion Portraits, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

In Ngorongoro Crater, the grass on the floor of the crater is quite short and so sighting lions and other animals is reasonably easy

without lens hood

Canon 800mm F5.6 super telephoto lens.

a user’s experience and thoughts on travelling with a super-telephoto lens.