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A.I. Don’t believe what you see?

The Clarke family:  The mystery that never was. As reported on Petapixel (and elsewhere) large numbers of people were completely fooled by the story of a family that supposedly vanished only to be uncovered later entombed in a makeshift brick structure.   The story was entirely fictional being generated, complete with convincing “photographs”, by artificial intelligence. From Petapixel – AI image of Clarke family fools internet I see so many people uncritically parroting nonsense online,  it is so easy to […]

Peacock displaying, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, India.

Photographed in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, India, the unmistakable peacock.   These birds were seen frequently throughout the park with numerous males seen proudly displaying their magnificent tail feathers.   Although these birds are generally seen on the ground,  at one point we sighted one perched high in a tree.   We stopped and waited in hope that the bird might take off from the branch and provide us with a somewhat rare flight shot.  Alas,  it was content to survey […]