Category : Galapagos Islands

Seabird silhouettes, Galapagos Islands.

a true silhouette, with strong back-lighting, the dynamic range of the image is too great to get both pleasing highlights and shadow detail.

Beauty wears scales

we often think of the colourful feathers of birds or the fur of mammals but occasionally beauty wears scales!

A place to perch, pelican, Galapagos Islands

is unusual among pelican species in that it will hunt by diving,  kingfisher like,  for food.

Great-tailed Grackle

I decided to accept the massive contrast involved and push the image towards a more graphic,  illustrative effect.

Hidden among the leaves.

Sometimes there is good subject material hidden among the leaves.

Almost line art, Pelican, Galapagos Islands.

The original shot really lacked much by way of colour saturation and so I decided to go with black and white.

Balancing Act. Blue-footed booby, Galapagos Islands

A blue-footed booby (maybe that should read ‘sure-footed booby’) tries to scratch himself whilst teetering on the edge of a cliff.

Darwin’s finches. Galapagos Islands.

In keeping with the Galapagos Islands reputation as one of nature’s great evolutionary laboratories, the finches have adapted in some interesting ways dependant on the conditions that are peculiar it specific islands.

Death of the dinosaur

the reptiles of the Galapagos seem truly prehistoric, a throwback to the dinosaurs. Ironically, despite the “prehistoric” appearance of the iguanas, the modern-day marine and land iguanas of the Galapagos are in fact a fairly recent evolution.

Sally Lightfoot crabs, Galapagos Islands

Supposedly named after a dancer popular in the Caribbean due to its quick movement, it’s also known as the red rock crab.