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Zebras, South Africa

Keeping watch. Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa.

Late afternoon can be a busy time at the waterhole but an alert lookout must be kept for predators. Taken in Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa, late afternoon, one zebra keeps watch whilst others drink at the waterhole.

Late afternoon, Zebras, Tarangire National Park

Late in the day, and the light is low. The flock moves on, but one curious zebra stops to look back, whilst overhead weaver bird nests hang from the branches

Zebras, putting the bite on!

It was worth having the camera constantly ready to capture any interesting behaviour as it occurs.    In this instance two zebras stopped grazing momentarily to engage in this “biting” behaviour. 

Zebras in the landscape, Tanzania.

wildlife within the context of the landscape

Zebra, Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. Zebras are a common sight in all the national parks and game reserves of Tanzania.