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Old Delhi, India

Strolling the narrow streets and laneways of Old Delhi with camera in hand.

Portrait of a young man, Old Delhi, India

Exposure bracketing helps to deal with extreme lighting conditions when taking an environmental portrait.

Horse in stable, Old Delhi

Walking through Old Delhi,  one of the residents proudly showed me through to a small stable where he kept a horse at the rear of his home.

Man sitting in doorway, Old Delhi.

Old Delhi, and an older man was sitting in his doorway watching us go by and was happy to be in a photograph.

3 boys in Old Delhi.

Exploring Old Delhi provides an opportunity to see how the people go about their daily lives.  Many are happy to stop for a photograph. A young boy with an icy-pole pauses for the camera before devouring the treat, Old Delhi. Below.  A young boy wearing a black cap, pictured in one of the narrow lane-ways of Old Delhi. Below.  A young boy wears a plastic hat whilst playing on a motor scooter in Old Delhi.

A domestic scene, Old Delhi, India.

Walking through the streets of Old Delhi, it’s not unusual to find commercial premises and even private residences that open directly onto the street.

At prayer, Old Delhi.

The mosque although small contained some beautiful exterior detail.