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A couple, a man and a bicycle

The man in the ten gallon hat

this was the classic fishing expedition where the location effectively becomes a stage and we wait for the actors to enter.

Red-Footed Booby in flight, Kilauea Point.

A Red-Footed Booby in flight, over Kilauea Point, Kaua’i. Vertical or horizontal format?  Image cropping becomes an important tool.

Two leaves, an exercise in image processing.

a simple botanical study,  two leaves,  one laying on top of another, however it proved to be an interesting exercise in image processing using Photoshop.

Arches, Haridwar.

Haridwar, India. A man walks along an arched balcony. I was drawn to the repeated geometry of the arches and waited for a human figure to enter the frame.

Dik dik closeup.

effectively an animal portrait and,  as is the case with a human portrait,  “the eyes have it”.