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Egyptian Goose and the late afternoon

Photographed in Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Park, South Africa, this is one of a pair of Egyptian geese that I observed at a water hole late in the afternoon, very late in the afternoon

Giant Kingfisher, St Lucia Wetlands, South Africa

The Giant Kingfisher (Megaceryle maxima) is the largest kingfisher in Africa and is widely distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Crocodile, St Lucia Wetlands, South Africa.

The croc was going nowhere and was completely still.

African Fish Eagle, St Lucia Wetlands

I was on a boat on the wetlands when we observed this bird swoop down and catch a large fish, I believe a mullet, and carry it to the branch

Brown-hooded Kingfisher

Digital image processing to overcome under-exposure

Gold and blue details, Drakensberg Mountains

the seed heads of these tall grasses along the creek bank provide a study in gold and blue

Golden pool, Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

Late in the day in the Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa, the setting sun reflects off a hill to light a golden pool.

Goliath Heron fishing, St Lucia Wetlands

The Goliath Heron, as its name suggests, is the largest of Africa’s heron species and was unconcerned by our boat passing slowly by.

Hippopotamus, St Lucia Wetlands, South Africa.

Although seemingly docile, hippos are reputedly the most dangerous animals in Africa killing and injuring more people than either lions or crocodiles.

Cape Eagle Owl, Hluhluwe, South Africa

A Cape Eagle Owl (Bubo capensis) perches with its head effortlessly rotated through 180 degrees.

The abstract landscape

When you’re in a grand natural landscape, the temptation is to get out the wide-angle lens and try to capture the “big picture”. However sometimes it’s worth looking beyond the obvious and look for smaller details, a telephoto lens can be helpful in doing so.