Bamboo Forest, variations.

Continuing my experiments with image processing through Adobe Lightroom, today I offer three variations on the photograph “Bamboo Forest” (yes, I know there’s more than just bamboo in this forest but hell, I had to call it something!). The first version is a fairly “straight” colour processing, the second version is warmer with the use of Lightroom’s toning function and the third or final version is a warm-toned monochrome (a look that is probably becoming familiar to regular readers!).

For readers receiving this entry via RSS feed, I am aware that some feed readers have difficulty displaying slideshows, please click through to the blog entry itself. Also, the images are large enough that they should display well in full-screen mode, give it a try.

Given the volume of photos that I’ve got in the pipeline, I’ll try and increase the blogging rate over the next week or two. ~KD.