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Big Island, Hawaii

White stones on black lava

many beaches around the Big Island of Hawaii consist largely of black lava rock,  not surprising given that the islands exist because of volcanic activity.

Sedona USA

Sedona aerial.

One way to get a great look at the Sedona landscape is from the air by jumping onto a helicopter flight.

A couple, a man and a bicycle

The man in the ten gallon hat

this was the classic fishing expedition where the location effectively becomes a stage and we wait for the actors to enter.

Sedona, USA

Under the bridge, Sedona

Taken from a small foot bridge in Red Rock State Park, Sedona, Arizona

the crack

Slot canyons, Arizona.

Striated rocks, varying colours, shapes, curving lines, the play of light, the photographic possibilities are endless.

monochrome desert

Monument Valley, USA

the importance of including both foreground and background subject matter to add a sense of depth to a photograph.

clouds over arizona

On the road, Arizona

the classic “on the road” photo.   As much as I like the image,  I can only agonize over the one that got away!

a rose for remembrance

911 Memorial, New York

A visit to the 911 Museum and Memorial in New York City is inevitably one that evokes strong emotions and recollections.

Yellowstone in Winter, coyotes.

Yellowstone provides both excellent landscape and wildlife photography opportunities including some encounters with coyotes.

viewing art at the Guggenheim

A visit to the Guggenheim

the Guggenheim Museum, as notable for the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture with its fabulous sweeping geometric lines and curves as for its art collection.