The seven-day photo challenge.

Like so many people these days,  I have a presence on social media including Facebook which I mostly as a portal to this blog in addition to interacting with family and friends.    At one point I was running two profiles, one personal and one more promotional. There are varying opinions as to whether such a two-page policy has any benefit or not,  like so many things on the internet,  the goalposts seem to keep moving.    The idea of using a Facebook page as a portal is not that successful in my experience,  getting from FB to here requires one more mouse click for the visitor which for most seems to be one mouse click too many!    I must confess to having a love/hate relationship with FB and social media more broadly.   Alas,  it is what it is!

One phenomenon I’ve observed on social media has been the emergence of the “challenge”.    At the time of this posting,  I’m part of a seven-day #challengeonnaturephotography challenge.    In preparing for the 7 daily postings,  I went through some of the images I have on hand and quickly selected some that I thought might be worthy.   In doing so, however,  I soon had not 7 images but nearly 20,  and I’ve only scraped the surface of my archives.

In the spirit of giving a bit more to those who take the time,  and make the effort with that “one more mouse click”,  to visit my website and blog,  I thought I’d give a glimpse of those images that aren’t in the 7!

Here I’ve reposted my day 1 image,  “Sepia-toned lion”.    For more about this image see the entry Lion Portraits   For information about the processing of such images see Lion, Ngorongoro Crater

Sepia effect lion, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Here’s a look at a couple of images that I considered but didn’t choose for the challenge;

Weaver birds are pretty amazing,  of course being notable for the elaborate nests that they build.  This one was photographed in Tanzania whilst we were stopped at a small roadside carpark.   The nest was,  from memory,  about 4 to 5 metres from the ground meaning that getting a decent angle of view meant using my longest lens and standing back some distance from the tree.

Weaverbird at nest, Serengeti National Park

Cheetah in long grass.    Another image that didn’t make it into “the 7”.    I photographed this cat in the Serengeti National Park when it poked its head up from the long grass to take in the scene around him.    To read more about this image and the circumstances see the entry:  Cheetah in long grass.

Cheetah in grass, Serengeti National Park

In keeping with the 7 day challenge theme,  I’ll post here on each of the 7 days and provide something extra for supporters of the blog!     As always,  any comments or inquiries here are welcome and if you enjoy your visit here,  then do consider subscribing!    till tomorrow,  ~KD.