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Category : South Africa

Zebras, South Africa

Keeping watch. Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa.

Late afternoon can be a busy time at the waterhole but an alert lookout must be kept for predators. Taken in Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa, late afternoon, one zebra keeps watch whilst others drink at the waterhole.

The Penguins of Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach near Capetown, South Africa,  is notable for its colony of African Penguins which can be viewed at fairly close range

Early morning, Hout Bay, South Africa

Whilst the bay is known as a big wave surfing location,   as seen in these pictures,  the bay was fairly flat and tranquil when I visited.

Bird Island, Lambert’s Bay, South Africa

The island is about 3 hectares in size,  lies about 100m off the shore,  and is one of only six sites in the world where Cape gannets breed

Cascading water, Western Cape, South Africa

A bit heavier on the processing than I might normally do,  but I think it makes for an interesting study!

The Sunbirds of Kirstenbosch Gardens.

The gardens of Kirstenbosch in Capetown, provide wonderful glimpses of multi-coloured sunbirds feeding on flowering proteas.

Protea, Capetown, South Africa

Lightroom and Color Efex Pro combined to make the most of a botanical study.

Drakensberg Panorama, background experiment

An experiment using multiple images and layers to achieve an intriguing result.

Doorway to secrets

A doorway within Johannesburg’s notorious ‘cell block 4’ where prisoners were held in atrocious conditions during the apartheid era.

Impala following the leader

They were intent on climbing up the river bank to higher ground but in order to do so would have to make their way through long grass and brush before getting to higher ground.

Drakensberg Mountains

Extra wide panorama, Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

All camera settings were in manual mode and were identical for all 11 shots. Ideally, the shots would have been taken from a tripod using a bubble level to ensure a perfect horizontal.

Cape Glossy Starling, Hluhluwe, South Africa

a Cape Glossy Starling photographed in Hluhluwe Game Reserve, South Africa. The image is very much as nature presented it, the only post-processing on this shot was a slight cropping and digital sharpening.