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Category : Multi media

Multi-media the Vimeo Channel

Observant readers may notice a change to the websites menu system with a new item added.    The “Multimedia” tab will take you to my Vimeo channel where several slideshow presentations now reside.   Previously I was producing slideshows using Soundslides Plus software which sadly is now defunct.   Click on the menu item or on the “Vimeo” link below to access the channel.    Thanks,  ~KD.

Tanzania 2008

Tanzania, a video slideshow

a High Definition video slideshow presentation of a selection of my Tanzania images created using and is available here as a downloadable MPEG4 file.

Sunrise Mt Bromo, Indonesia

Mt Bromo timelapse

Mt Bromo, Indonesia at sunrise, a time-lapse.

Black Sand, Hawaii

a brief slideshow of photographs taken at the black sand beach at Waipi’o on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Bamboo Forest, variations.

Continuing my experiments with image processing through Adobe Lightroom, today I offer three variations on the photograph “Bamboo Forest”

When Whales Leap

On the north coast of the island of Kaua’i is Kilauea Point which offers excellent views out over the waters where,  in season,  whales congregate to breed.


Bangkok drugstore

Whilst wandering the streets of Bangkok,  I happened across a small, traditional,  drugstore where the pharmacist was busy with mortar and pestle.

gibbon in tree - click for audio visual presentation

In search of wild gibbons

In this post, we go in search of wild gibbons. In a small wildlife reserve in Assam, India, a troop of hoolock gibbons was known to live in the treetops.

Barber's shop Haridwar, India.

The barber’s shop, Haridwar, India.

Walking along one of the streets of Haridwar, I encountered a barber’s shop,  I was made welcome by the staff and this small photo essay is the result.

South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand, South Island landscapes

Contrast in the scene was extreme with the late afternoon sun poking through the clouds and foreground elements in deep shade.

Faces of Haridwar

A selection of street portraits taken in Haridwar, India.

sewing machine

The Sewing Machine Repair Shop.

a multimedia project documenting the activities of a family-run sewing machine repair shop in Varanasi, India. “The Sewing Machine Repair Shop”