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japanese red fox, hokkaido

Japanese Red Fox, Hokkaido

  • Japan

A Japanese Red Fox walking through the snow,  puts it’s head up in the air,  it’s ears forward and looks straight at the camera,  making for a memorable photo.


Trees in winter landscape, Hokkaido.

  • Japan

Minimalist black and white winter landscapes of Hokkaido might be something of a cliche. Regardless, such scenes draw the eye and compel you to take a photo!


  • Japan

sub-freezing overnight temperatures cause stalactite icicles to form,  reflecting the colours of the rising sun.

Whooper Swans, Lake Kussharo, Hokkaido

  • Japan

Lake Kussharo in Hokkaido is the largest caldera lake in Japan and is home to the beautiful whooper swan which can be approached at fairly close distance.