Facebook photo challenge day 7


Day 7 of #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook.    The final day of what has been an interesting exercise.

I thought I’d round off the exercise by revisiting a couple of old friends!    These fellows may be familiar to readers,  particularly if you’ve mistyped one of my URLs as you will have landed on my 404 page.    Originally captured on colour negative film back in 1999 in the Huangshan Mountains,  China,  an adolescent male macaque, or snow monkey,  clutches an infant.    The engaging looks to camera help to make the image a long-running favourite.  Check out wildlife in China for the full story.

Snow monkeys, Huangshan Mountains, China.

As I was going through my shortlist for the 7-day challenge,  I realized that I hadn’t included any images from my trip to Midway Atoll.  Given that is quite a rarely visited location and provided some wonderful nature photography,  especially bird photography,  opportunities,  it would be remiss not to include a couple of images from there.    The first is of a Laysan Albatross about to land in a breeding colony.   I chose to go with a monochrome treatment of the image,  although colour was also pleasing.     Generally, it’s best not to have the horizon line intersecting with the bird/animal but in this case, the albatross’s foot is just touching the line which I think actually works well.

Laysan Albatross landing approach, Midway Atoll.

Another image,  also from Midway,  which I considered for the challenge is of a white tern taking flight.   I got lucky here with the wing position.   The white tern is,  I think,  perhaps the most beautiful of the birds to be found on the atoll.

White Tern taking flight, Midway Atoll.

And so that concludes the 7 day challenge,  a flurry of blogging and internet activity!    As always,  I appreciate any feedback you may have and remember to subscribe for blog updates.