Facebook photo challenge day 6

Day 6 of #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook.    Today we’re off to the Arctic,  Svalbard north of Norway in fact.   In past days I’ve talked about sub-themes or genres,  well today is what I’ll call an “animal in the environment” image.    Some people think of reindeer as the “cattle” of the Arctic,  probably not an unreasonable analogy.   Large grazing herbivore which,  despite this image showing a single animal,   form herds….

It’s tempting with wildlife to throw the longest lens you have available onto the camera and get tight,  portrait-like,  images.    I know I’ve been a sucker for that,  however,  it’s also worth zooming out sometimes to show the wildlife in the context of its environment.    Such an image can tell you much more of the “story”.

Reindeer, Svalbard

Whilst the reindeer image becomes one of “the 7”,  I could happily have chosen the following images.     The adolescent male lion,  shot in the Okavango Delta in Botswana,  is another exercise in negative space.     Hopefully, it poses the question,  “what’s he looking at?”  “what’s caught his attention?”.

Lion in profile, Okavango Delta

Finally another hippo image.    These are interesting animals too and have a well-earned reputation for being dangerous.

Hippopotamus displaying its tusks, Okavango Delta.

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