Facebook photo challenge day 5

Day 5 of #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook.    I thought I’d make this a bird day,  3 different species from 3 different continents.   I said early on in this challenge that we’d also explore numerous sub-themes or genres,  well I guess we might call the chosen image a fast shutter speed,  action shot.    I was crouched low in a canoe on a lake in Assam Province in India,  with the telephoto lens mounted when I managed to get this Purple Gallinule picture.    I left plenty of frame behind the running bird as I wanted to get those water droplets splashing around.    The shutter speed was fast enough to freeze the water droplets but slow enough to show some movement in the wingtips,  a happy compromise.

Purple Gallinule running, Assam Provence, India.

Among the images I considered but didn’t include in “the 7” was this Kelp Gull which I observed standing on a rock in South Africa.     Nothing too exotic about this species, and I guess just about everyone’s photographed a gull at the beach at some point,   but I liked how it stood out so clearly from the background.     I liked the head angle and the blurred background and had enough time to carefully compose the image using plenty of negative space.

Kelp Gull, Lamberts Bay, South Africa.

Finally, a lava gull photographed in the Galapagos Islands.  This image was captured on 35mm colour negative film shortly before I transitioned to digital.    I like the “gesture” of the bird as it screeched and squawked,  straining itself to be as loud as possible!

Lava Gull, Galapagos Islands.

A reminder that there are heaps more photos in my Galleries! As usual,  all comments, inquiries or suggestions are appreciated.~KD.